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About Me

My name is Cosette Morché (co-zet mor-shay). I am a 26 year old American from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, I am goalkeeper playing professional soccer overseas in Europe.

I grew up in a very athletic, creative, and supportive household with my parents (Steve & Jené) and younger sister (Joselle). My parents came up with our nicknames Cozy and Jozy, so that's why my friends call me Cozy®!

We’ve always been a sports oriented family. In fact, my sister and I tried almost every sport available to us. I ended up pursuing soccer, volleyball, and basketball in hopes of one day playing a sport in college! I was fortunate enough to continue to play soccer throughout college and now as a professional.

10 facts about me:

  • I'm 6'2/188cm, but I'll still rock a high heel. 

  • I am a friendly giant who is known for her hugs.

  • I am vegan & brought my family over to the "green" side.

  • I trained my two cats to use the toilet... no litter over here.

  • I miss playing volleyball, especially on the beach.

  • I might have a slight Nike Jordans addiction.

  • I HATE playing soccer in cold weather.

  • I absolutely LOVE butterflies - e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g about them.

  • I appreciate tattoos, but I don't have any... yet... maybe...

  • I love fashion, but... tall girl problems.

The Story Behind BExtraordinary

Cosette Logo Pink Green.png

Growing up, I always played sports and had a competitive lifestyle. However, sometimes my drive and motivation wouldn't be there.

My mom would always say to me, "Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary?" which would frustrate me to no end! You know how moms can be haha. She said this to me because she knew how much potential I had and didn't want her little girl to give up on her dreams.

Every time I heard my mom say this to me I would get a boost of motivation to prove to both myself and anyone else who doubted me that they were wrong.

I'm extremely thankful to have had that push to continue my determination to follow my dreams and aspirations.

Without this quote, my life wouldn't be what it is today.

That's why BExtraordinary is the foundation of my brand & blog.

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